Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Here is such a beautiful Christmas design:
I have been looking for the perfect design - something  lovely but not 'cutesy' - honestly, this may be difficult to take down after the holidays....... or just leave it up!!!!!!!
Here are my snow pics, with Killian in his footie pj's - he loves the snow (he's on the porch).
I am starting to put the Christmas menu together: small turkey and a black forest ham; potato casserole, vegs & rolls & extras like the cranberry sauce.  Here is the recipe for my potato casserole - it's even better the next day!   Start with one large bag of hash browns, thawed over night.
16oz sour cream  -  1/2 stick butter  -  2 cans each of cream of mushroom, celery or even chicken soup, which ever your family likes -  1 cup shredded cheese ( I usually throw in extra and you will need more later for the topping).
Mix all this together in a large pan (I use the disposables) - then add the seasonings: 2Tb garlic - 1/2 cup of minced onion - 2tsp Mrs Dash seasoning -  sprinkle of celery seeds -  a little parsley or oregano - salt & pepper to your taste.  Mix together (add a little water if it seems dry) and put in 350 oven for almost 2 hours - you can add more cheese at the end and feel free to put more seasonings in it if you like  - it cannot be messed up - also, if you added diced ham to this, it could easily be a brunch item.

I am anxiously awaiting to see who is going to have the first after Christmas stitching sale that pulls me in (along with reasonable shipping charges).  So many of the large retailers are already having discounted sales on the Christmas merchandise;  but I have had so much paper & bows from years past, I gave an armful to the kids, as I am really liking gift bags now.

It is so cold today, it should be snowing!  I refuse to go out in this!  This weekend we will have a birthday party for GD, as she turns one but I have everything ready for her - will she not be the belle of the ball in this !!

I have added some Scarlet Letter charts to my selling blog (address at the right) - most are not opened and will be offered at a good price. At  this point, I can only accept money orders from within the US.
I will add pics of the birthday next time - stay warm!!!!