Friday, January 7, 2011

 Happy New Year!!!!
I wish each of you every happiness and lots of stitching time.  At this moment, I struggle with a bad cold, so I have not picked up a needle in forever; but the grand children had a wonderful Christmas with plenty of dinosaur books for Killian.

I  recently found a number of Quaker charts that I think are out of print and of course, and I have not stitched one of them.  Here's a photo if you are interested:

My Quaker wall never progressed, so I might as well face reality.

  I recently found in my stash, a birth-type sampler that would be perfect for both of the grandchildren - I had even pulled all the threads!  My intentions are so good!  But as a daily migraineur, the reality is that I will collect more than I will ever stitch.  But on the other  hand, if it makes me happy, why not collect the charts & fabrics I love  -  it's not like I am collecting string or some silly thing.  Ok, that's it then - I refuse to change my ways!!!!!!!!!!  How's that for a new year's resolution!!!!

Here are some of our Christmas photos:
The best to everyone!