Saturday, October 30, 2010

A short hello

My adorable grand children were here on Sunday, as I had not seen them since surgery.  Christian is pulling herself up and standing - time is going by so fast.
Today I am back at the Dr's office for a check-up.  I have lost several pounds, as I have not had much of an appetite - though I do look forward to pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving!
I know the economic reports say there is no inflation, but I definitely see prices increasing in the grocery store. I doubt it changes before the end of the year, so I have been trying to buy only things on sale.
I am almost done with my Christmas shopping, as I buy throughout the year - I even have items for the GC that they will get in a couple of years, when they are older - it was on sale!!!!

After the new year, I am going to seriously work on my basement/workroom - my husband has his own basement, so I can fix mine for my needs.  I already have peg board on the walls and the bathroom is almost complete.  I have a great desk down there and french doors so there is plenty of light.  I plan to be super organzied!

The week after Halloween is when I put up the Christmas tree which is also my year 'round tree.  So when I bring it out, I start putting up the Halloween Dept 56 figurines that I have out.  Here are some
from this year - I try to add a couple of pieces a year:

Killian with toys!

Love to all !!!!!