Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Happy Framing experience

Yesterday, I nervously walked in the store to pick up my 2nd time - around - framing piece, and I must say, I am happier with this version. But after I thanked him for his efforts, he told me they used sticky board the first time (horrors!!) and this 2nd time, it was stitched/laced for a tighter and smoother finish.  But why was this not an option the first time I came in??!!  But at least it is finally, safely at my house and I know the grandchildren will enjoy seeing this:
 This site is enough to make me change my decorating style:   It could not be more adorable!!                        
I have surgery next week, so it will be a while before the GC come to visit (NO picking up the little ones!)  So they were here this weekend and here is pic of them, growing too fast:

Blocks & Blankies on the floor - the life of a 'Mimi' !!!!!!

Take care and I will see you after recovery!!