Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reconnecting with old friends

I just recently emailed Patti at her blog:  http://tapestry-of-dreams.blogspot.com/
She loves the grandchildren and I can soooo relate to that.  Her stitchery is so inspirational and I always like whatever she is stitching.  We have traded over the years and may go months without talking but I always enjoy her company and definitely whatever she is stitching.

I found this blog:   http://dany88.canalblog.com/
and love the roses designs down at the bottom of the blog - I tried to write and find out where I can buy this, but my email came back undeliverable.  If anyone recognizes the designs & where I can purchase it,  I would be very grateful = roses are one of my weaknesses!!  I can easily see GD's initials on this piece.

I just discovered this blog:  http://pathofpinsandneedles.blogspot.com/  and she very kindly told me where I could get the Prairie Schooler design she is working on - it is just adorable!    Thank you for being such a sweetheart.

I have yards of 36ct cream Edinburgh linen by Zweigart if you need linen ;
a fat quater 18 x 27 is $20 and a yard  55 x 36 is $45.  If you would  kindly add $2 for shipping that would be so nice.  Just send an email that you want it.
Little GS loves school so far and I am soooo happy.  He is coming here this weekend and I hope a new dinosaur book I ordered will be here by then.  I even had to call him last night to tell him how proud I am of him and that I love him very much.  Just the sound of that sweet voice brings me such happiness...............