Monday, August 23, 2010

Friends & Good Info

Att Migraineurs:  Don't let the title/url fool you:  Here is a list of the Top Migraine blogs:   They are definitely worth visiting.   
Amongst these blogs is this one:   She very kindly wrote to me giving me some basic info about a procedure that could help migraineurs.  The dr is in FL but, honestly, would we not travel to the ends of the earth for treatment.  Of course, in all probability, insurance will say No Way!!  
 Making new friendships thru blogs has been wonderful.  You meet people you would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn about.  I also have a friend that is close by, but I may go months and not see her.  Luckily, she has accepted me, headaches and all.   So when I saw this sampler I thought of her: (Sandy, this will be for you!!)
Along with this, came these:
 I decorate in a sort of romantic/shabby chic kind of way, so I love the look of these houses - this would be great as a grouping.
 Teresa/,  I love your finishes!!  Gorgeous!!   I am sooo envious!
I enjoy this time of year because many of the craft stores are starting to put out the Christmas decorations.  I know not everyone enjoys this early-ness, but I do!!!!!!  My tree is decorated in pinks & whites, so I have to get my decorations and ribbons before they get gone - I use a huge bow with wire ribbon on top of my tree and  I want to enlarge it this year.
I recently read a blogger say she was sad that she lost a couple of followers and wondered why - was it because it was too personal and not enough stitching - it is an interesting observation, but really, our stitching is a reflection of our life and are closely intertwined.  I know that I have a lot of family stuff in mine and realize it may not appeal to the hard-core stitcher who just wants to see charts & fabric.  But there is so much more to us!!  I personally love seeing the "life" of the stitcher, migraneur, Mimi and adorable grandchildren - keep it up!!!!!!!!   
Tomorrow is a dr day which means I will be gone all day and it is very exhausting, as I live waaaay out in the country.   So stitch away and take good care.