Thursday, August 19, 2010

A rainy day

The alphabet sampler is at the framer's and I hope it comes out nicely - should be ready in 2 weeks.
I had a dr's appt at Duke today and after seeing a specialist, it seems I may qualify for a study/trial for the NIH that Duke is conducting for them. It will not change my surgery choice, but I guess it is more oriented toward the follow-up. I told the
dr. that I was happy to participate and be helpful.

I found this blog and not only is she a southern gal, she loves samplers and is a "meme"!! We have been writing back & forth and she is a doll.

Love this badge:

Oh, how beautiful is this !!! I just may have to start pulling threads!Do you collect Christmas china? I have several patterns and love them all - my biggest collections are Spode & Lenox.
But last year while shopping, I found some Thanksgiving china patterns and have a couple of those. Some I keep on display all year - I miss them when I can't see them and sure enough, I would probably lose some!!

Apparently I liked this design very well, as I own 2 of them (shakes head pitifully).

This would be adorable with my Dept 56 Halloween village.
It is raining today, so it is a good day to play with the threads!
Happy stitching!