Sunday, August 15, 2010

What a fun day!

The birthday boy had a wonderful day and in his words, " this is the best birthday ever!" - oh, I can now die happy!
Here are some adorable pictures of my cute-ems:

This does not include the coloring books, clothes and toys he received - he was very happy, indeed.
But I wanted to celebrate his birthday and starting kindergarten at the same time and it was a big hit.

Now, I'll show what I got:

This plate says 'Mimi's Little Angels" and GS's hands are the wings and Gd's little foot is the body. It really is precious and I
appreciate their thoughtfulness, as money is tight for them.

So for my own personal celebration, I got these for me!!

I have another order that I am waiting for (I am sure my credit card is on fire!) and the remainder of an order that got mixed up. The designers are really creating some beautiful things.

Let me show what I have finally completed and my next project = they go together:

I did not know the number sampler existed until I saw it on Wasatch Needlework site. I am going to do the numbers in the light thread shown to pick up the color of the alphabet fabric. I think these 2 are as cute as can be. I just hope it does not take me 3 years to complete this one - but of course daily headaches and brain surgery makes stitching difficult !!

We finally have a cool day and I have the house to myself - I may take the day "off" and forget house work; but honestly, sometimes when I am stitching I feel guilty because there is laundry to do, dusting and other yucky stuff.

Little grand daughter is getting so big -goodness time is flying by and my little sweetheart GS starts kindergarten in less than 10 days - I feel old!

I hope you enjoyed our little family celebration and I wish you and yours a wonderful fall season that is almost upon us. I have a few leaves that have already turned, which is always exciting = I love fall!! Ok, to show how much I really love it, I already have my wreath on the door!!! Blessings to you all!!