Thursday, May 6, 2010

Enjoy your weekend & Happy Mother's Day

Dear Friend Kathy in MA sent me these beauties in trade this week; I have been craving to stitch the Bee Hive Man pattern, as this is part of the design idea for the laundry room:

Blackbird Designs LF#3: Evening Shades the Garden - I am looking for this design if anyone would like to trade; I have a ton of linen that I could send you.

I just found this site and it has a lovely monogram sampler that would be cute in GD's room - in pink of course!

This site is perfect for DIY'er :
With over 200 days until Christmas, some of these would make great gifts when used with lovely fabric-you cannot have too many bags; and with this economy, this could make someone very happy!

Let me wish all of you a very happy Mother's Day - may it be relaxing and comforting and filled with hugs & kisses (even the chocolate kind!). My gang will be here and I am hoping the men people will help put some of these plants on the front porch for me; they have done well this winter here in the sunroom but I want the leaves washed and that will be easier outside:

Take good care of yourself.