Saturday, April 17, 2010

Who Knew ???........

That this grandmother "Mimi" thing was so expensive ??? !!!!! I have been spending money like I have some !!!!!! Yesterday I found sewing patterns for $1 a piece and I sensed this was a good price. Little did I know, until I saw the orig retail on the pattern = $14.95 !!!!!!!!!!!
I thought I was going to need oxygen!! And the talking economic heads on TV state that there is no inflation - what planet are they living on !!

But my precious GD will need doll clothes & some cute sun dresses for herself, so I bought these:

My dear mother still lives alone in her home so someone goes by frequently to check on her, take a casserole and generally see if she needs anything. At yesterday's visit I received an amazing gift of old patterns, not completed baby clothes and beautiful fabrics that she had stored in a closet. For my GD, this means she will have clothes made from silks that had been her great & great great grandmother's - what a legacy. I also found a picture of me at 6 months & my grandfather - it is a black & white photo so I will have it restored and properly framed for the next generation.

Thanks Mom, for being a 'saver' and holding on to all these things - I had not dared hoped to have a granddaughter and now that I have one, I pray she also holds an appreciation for these things with a history.