Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Girly Girl Stuff

If you love designer bags, this website has great pictures of the latest & greatest -I have seen the new Valentino Lace bag, and honestly I should have been born rich!! Oh, I do LOVE that bag!

But I saw a pic of a Chanel bag that apparently was made from hemp or straw and it was such a messy looking bag and not really practical. A good Chanel bag can take you thru the day and into evening, without changing purses, which I think would be valuable to working women. I just can't believe that Coco would think it was the best of design elements. I must add that pre-migraines, Coco by Chanel was my favorite fragrance.

Now as some of us slide into 60 yrs young, wrinkle cream is something that keeps me up at night. Of course, I have bought every one that was ever made, but honestly, it was not just for vanity. I had laser work done on my face for broken blood vessels and it scarred my face - my eyes swelled shut for days, weeping sores and it hurt like the dickens! I will mention that I did not pay that Dr bill - I should have been offered a test patch to check for sensitivity before going whole hog; anyone with sensitive skin should always have a little 'test' first.

Allowing time for healing, the next year I started researching scar removal creams and became aware of a few prods that really work - please learn from my mistakes. The Strivectin prod is excellent but you must use it every day for at least 6 weeks to see results, IMO. I am also trying the new ROC Brilliance for eyes and have had no side effects. I am even using the Stri on the scar from my brain surgery.

I use the same face creams on my neck & the back of my hands - even though I drink a lot of water, my hands are more wrinkled than I would like. Of course, as a teenager, I loved going to the pool, which meant tanning and NOW we know it is not good for the skin. I do use multiple layers of sun protection even if I am just going to be in the car for a drive.

Today is a Law & Order SVU Marathon on tv - my father was a policeman and I love watching Olivia & Elliot get the bad guys!

For you stitchers out there, here is a blog that recently featured my hometown and I am so glad the ladies enjoyed themselves:

My DIL sent this picture of GD, Christian and "Papaw" having a moment.....

She really looks like her mother in this photo.

I enjoy having lists that keep me together & on track and this site has wonderful tools that are free:
There are even free dinosaur picts for GS to color - at 4yrs old, he has decided that he is going to be a paleontologist when he grows up = he is all about dinosaurs! So, I being the ever loving Mimi, found a t-shirt that says : Paleontologist in Training, which he is getting for his birthday!! It is too cute for words!

GS is coming this weekend and we have counted that there are only 15 wks left that he can stay, until kindergarten starts. Somebody, please pass the kleenex !!