Saturday, April 3, 2010

I desperately tried to edit the last post to include this pic of Killian, but to no avail - this sweet angel starts kindergarten in Aug. He just loves anything with dinosaurs and I have found some shoes & a packback with dinosaurs on them, so I know he will be very suprised. I guess I should go ahead and buy a case of kleenex, because I will be a mess when he starts school.
He is here this weekend and since it is 80 degrees, we will get popsicles and go on the porch.
I truly love this child more than my next breath.

But to help me overcome "Mimi" empty nest syndrome, my son gave me a new grand daughter this past Dec and I have so enjoyed buying anything pink.
Of course, I think Christian is beautiful but here she is in all her glory:

That precious Kathy from Carriage House Samplings sent me some sweet samplers that will look great in the children's rooms and I am excited about starting them - if I don't, the kids will be drawing Social Security before they are finished !!
Have a nice weekend.