Wednesday, March 31, 2010

to the lovely part of the world that I call home.
I live on 25ac near the VA line and like many of you, have things that I love and cannot live without. Needlework, decorating, the grandchildren (I have a new GD), designer purses, making jewelry and cooking are just to name a few. I will not even get started on fabrics, especially roses on fabrics!

But it all began with the love of a child

Upon the birth of my first grandchild, I started wanting to make things that
will go to him and eventually, to his children. I am very atuned to history,
as my family has been here since the 1700's. So upon the birth of my adorable
grandson, Killian, I had to commence a birth sampler.

I hope the day will come that all this info will be valuable to my 2 adorable grand children and that they will know they were loved because I talk about them
so frequently. I beg for your patience as I extol their virtues!!!

So on to the business of stitching, new GD Christian needs a birth sampler
and I have been given a few ideas but am open to more, as I will need one for
her room and one for me. According to my son, this is it for the GC dept! If you have seen or stitched one that you truly love, let me know and I can begin
my prowl - I do not have a LNS so my friends must enable me.