Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DUKE WON!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy for them - and having had brain surgery at
the Duke hospital, I feel so lucky to be part of "them".
The doctors were outstanding & the staff was excellent -
I tried to steal my nurse, Emily and bring her home with me,
but my Dr. said " We saw her first" - I could not help but
laugh, but what are you going to do, when you look like
Frankenstein, with all the stitches up the back of your skull.
Though I am still a daily migraineur, I am no longer walking into
walls and fainting, so it is a definite improvement.

I hope Easter was a lovely day for you and your loved ones -
here is my newest love, Christian, My GD of 3 months:

I have a Dr's appt but will come back and show some of the new 'goodies' I have
recently received.