Monday, April 12, 2010

Instead of scrapbooking....

I have decided that this blog is an excellent way to save memories for the grandchildren, instead of collecting multiple scrap books - yes, I have the materials, books and embellishments, but this is definitely going faster for me. And if I save it to a stick and put it in the safe, everything should remain protected, so that one day the GC can look and see what was going on during their growing years. Yes, I will 'edit' what I put in this blog (I refuse to put every Dr's appt in here), but I honestly think it is the little every day things that will make them smile.

So Christian, here is a pic of your first cabbage patch doll, bought years before I knew you were coming - her name is Meredith and has cute strawberry blonde hair and her birthday is 3 days after yours - Christmas Day:

And you can sort of see my current Gucci girl friend bag, in the
background - I have the pink wallet to match. Gucci was my first designer handbag and I know the young people are crazy for LV, but Gucci will always be my first love - I still have everyone (except the one that was stolen) in my closet, so hopefully Christian, "retro" will come back around, and you will be
'stylin' !!!!!! Mimi loves you!

Now I must begin my search for Barbie & Cabbage patch doll patterns so that they will have a wardrobe when she is old enough to play with them.(Remember I live in the middle of nowhere!) If you have any that you can no longer use, I will be happy to send linen or charts for an exchange.