Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Goodies

My mail person brought some wonderful new things for me yesterday:

And this is the batch of Scarlet Letter items I also received:

I think I will give the Family Register chart to DIL for
Christmas - she is an excellent knitter, but also likes cross stitch and this is not something she would buy for herself.

I have been living with this chart and floss colors for a month now and have finally decided on the color: DMC 3350; as you can see one of the floss girls is missing a sleeve, so I am fairly sure Mr. Killian was trying to 'help'!! But I am glad I went and bought 2 more, as the color seems just a little diff than the others.

And while I was in this chain craft store, I found these boxes that I could not pass up - I also had a 50% off coupon! They are a beautiful way to store various needlework projects.

It is going to be gorgeous here today - in the 80's and sunny and the lettuce in the containers are very happy. But for me, it is going to be a migraine day, so no stitching. But after the meds wear off, I will enjoy some of your blogs and see what others are accomplishing - they really are an incentive to me and make me smile.