Thursday, July 15, 2010

The music is still good after all these years

I finally received an order that I waited a month for- some things I wanted were out of stock, as I learned after one of my several emails or phone calls were returned. I am happy to wait when I know this is the situation - but if you have so much business that you can ignore a paying customer, I am very happy for you in this economy and wish you well.
No, I am not one of the shoppers that call every day to see if the pkg has gone out or wander around the shop using up your time and then spending $1.99.
I spend serious money. So believe me when I say that I was surprised when my long awaited pkg arrived and that was it --------
not a thank you for your patience; here's a skein of floss in appreciation.......nothing.
OK, I haven't found them yet, but I bet there is a shop out there that would like MONTHLY orders!!
And I will not get started on the shop that charged shipping AND handling for walking around the store and picking up 4 charts, in stock - no special orders.

I love many of the European designs we have seen recently - very pretty & feminine, which I am on the prowl for, now that there is a GD involved. So I adore this design:

I feel badly about the glare, but I took 10 pics of this - I give up !!

Yesterday, while listening to a Paula Deen show ( migraine mode - could only listen not watch), she was making a 5 Layer Bars recipe that I will try on the family this weekend. It's going to be hot ( I am beginning to think I was very bad in another life), so these can be done in advance and just stay on the counter. I have recipes for the 7 Layers, but that will be too much left over and I am almost afraid for anyone to transport food in this heat.

There is a House marathon on today and one of the episode's has a great song at the end: 'Gravity' by John Mayer -= as a rule, he has not been my cup of tea, but this song, (on a migraine day) was perfect. It was easy to find on you tube.

Then I scanned on down you tube and saw Mayer with Eric Clapton, doing "Crossroads" - from his days with the band, Cream.
Oh my, have I given my age away!!! Ummmmm, I was 4 at the time..............
My newest make-up find is Cover Girl Out Last Lipstain in 400 - it really gives me a natural color and stays on like concrete!
And, there is always coupons for these prods, so it is affordable to try new things.

Have a nice weekend - stay well.