Monday, July 26, 2010

Goodies for the birthday boy

Look what came in the mail:

Mr. Cutie-Pie is also getting these shoes - they are adorable = the eyes flash when he runs!!

It took searching the four corners of the earth, but finally found his size. A matching backpack is on the way and we found a Velociraptor lunch box. He will be the coolest kindergarten kid !!
I pray he likes school - it is so important for them to start off with a good attitude about studying and learning. Afterall, we do it for the rest of our lives.

The heat is still bearing down on us and makes it impossible to be outside for long. I am sure the power bill will look like the national debt when it arrives.

Dear Karen at Wasatch needlework is putting an order together for me - though I have not started any of the other things I have bought this year! I have a ton of R&R linen that I will be happy to sell at a good price if anyone needs it. I will never use all that I have so I will be glad to share - it is from a smoke & pet free home - just send an email.

Off to start laundry - the towels are multiplying like rabbits!