Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer is here

With the hot temps we have been having, I don't venture out much. I am not a summer person and I certainly did my fair share of complaining this past winter when my electric bill was over $400!
Apparently, I am looking for Paradise and it has to be just down the street from the grand children - I don't want much, do I ?????!!!!!!!

I recently got this sampler from someone that is down-sizing but I think I am going to do more pinks than what is called for in the pattern:

Do you keep up a year 'round tree? I do and I recently saw someone that has hers all decorated for the 4th of July - it is precious. I thought I had previously bought the little Halloween colored lights but have not found them - but of course all this will be in the stores by July - which will give me enough time to get some more!

I love the Dept 56 Halloween items that I have collected. There is a store in town that puts these items on sale sometime during the summer. They have a huge section with the different villages all displayed - when I die, just bury me somewhere in there. - this place has tons of restaurant recipes that will be fun to try. I would walk across broken glass for Chili's salsa, so I will have to dig around to see what else I must try!

This week is DS's birth day - I have forgiven him for weighing 10lbs at birth and he truly has been a wonderful son - kind & thoughtful, almost to a fault. He has given me 2 gorgeous GC that are the light of my life. No complaints today.........!!!