Friday, May 21, 2010

History for the next generation

I recently went thru a file folder and was amazed to find that an uncle had traced the family tree back to the 1730's !!!!! He had the names of towns, where grave sites were located and even how some of the ancestors met! He explained how this info was needed by the DAR for membership. I made a copy for my son to keep and put the original in the safe, as it was hand-written; I do hope the grand children will be interested in the history of their family. I know every time I go to Williamsburg, I 'feel' some kind of connection - if it wasn't for all the tourists, I could live there!!!!!!!!!
I thoroughly loved the Bicentennial so eventually there will be the Tricentennial and hopefully this info will be popular again. I hope they keep these pages in the safe deposit box we got for them; we will save them a lot of research. This is the point where they can bow and applaud in appreciation.

I cannot get over how much DMC has gone up - I remember getting it at 10 or 12 skeins for $1 - now I am happy to see it for .39 each - I have seen it for as much as .65!!!! Don't hold me to this, but someone mentioned that Joann's might have it next weekend at 3/.99; it's worth a phone call to verify.

I am so loving this pattern - I even have the fabric but have not started one stitch:
There is also a new pattern call "Babe's Honey Farm" that will have to join my stash.
Unfortunately, today is a migraine day, so no stitching (which I have not done all week!) but it is beautiful outside and I have already watered the little miniature tomato plants on the porch, so my day is pretty much over.

Purse girls: I love the python look and have the Gucci one and here is another worthy of our attention:;jsessionid=4UTY4TMUPXHPKCQAAJYXN0A?_requestid=65062

This Chanel is larger than I have seen but it certainly would be great for every day:
And the grey color could be very year 'round.
I really need to win the lottery!