Monday, May 24, 2010

Recognize this?

I recently found this unfinished sampler and it is very pretty, but there was no pattern with it and I have no idea what the design is - if you recognize it, please let me know. I guess at this stage, I could do my own thing with the border but again, I have gotten away from the blue color scheme.

I am anxiously awaiting a package from a cross stitch store because it will contain some very beautiful French designs. One is definitely for GD and I will show it when it arrives.

I found some Green Mountain linen and back in the day, it was beautifully hand-dyed and very popular for samplers. Two pieces are called Nutmeg; then I have a larger piece that does not have a name with it but here is a picture - it appears to be 36ct and is approx 18 x 27 - I will not use it and will be happy to trade for something else if you would like to have it. Just send me an email.