Friday, June 11, 2010

Love those blue eyes

She has 4 teeth now!
Sometimes I look into those deep blue eyes and I think I can see her soul - sweet, pure goodness.

Someone gave me this the other day, and you migraineurs will understand all too well........
"lord how my head aches! What a head have I! It beats as it would fall in twenty pieces" - from Romeo and Juliet. It's hard to believe people have been suffering for so long and yet we try to muddle thru. Of course we are in good company: apparently the following also had migraines: Thomas Jefferson, Sigmund Freud and Frederic Chopin.

I found this yesterday and still love it enough that I think I will actually finish it!

It is going to be 90 degrees for the next several days so this will give me time to start planning the July 4th menu - if you have a tried & true favorite, send it to me - collecting recipes is one of my funnest hobbies!

I have not received an order I placed a couple of weeks ago, but called the store yesterday to see what anyone knew of it. But that did not stop me from placing another order (from another store) - most of these are older but they will be new to me!
Christmas Day (Prairie Schooler
Farmer's Alphabet (Prairie Schooler
June (Prairie Schooler PS161)
Noah's Stocking (Carriage House Samplings
Decorated Pins - Jewel Roses (set of 6)
Babe's Honey Farm (Victoria Sampler
Christmas Village Sampler (Victoria Sampler
Wichelt Linen 32ct Smoky Pearl 18x27
Hands to Work Sampler (Victoria Sampler
I guess it's too soon to go stand by the mail box!! Have a great weekend!