Monday, June 14, 2010

Too hot to stitch?

I want to bring to your attention a lovely blog with so much inspiration:
Grand Abecedaire is not to be missed - it is just gorgeous - of course I had to email her and let her know how much I loved it, and she sent back the nicest note. We are lucky to have her creative spirit amongst us stitchers.
My birthday is coming soon (well, OK, me & Martha Stewart, but I'm younger!!):

......just in case my family needs inspiration!!

During the summer do you find more time to stitch or less? I enjoy sitting by the fireplace and stitching during winter, but though I stay inside a lot during the summer (we are going into a week
of 90 deg temps), I am not stitching as much as I think I should. Maybe the heat is just sucking the life out of me!
If you create anything, this is a nice site:

Take care and think good thoughts!