Thursday, April 29, 2010

I do love roses

The next couple of pics will obviously show I am very fond of roses - naturally, I think new GD should be covered in them, and she will be with this outfit!

On this same outing I found this dish, thinking it would be perfect for candy, and now I wish I bought all they had so I could use them for dessert plates:

I recently found this sampler that I created back in the '90's and I have no idea why it is out of its frame! I still like it fairly well, but have gotten away from a lot of blue; but since it is an original design, I should find a place for it:

And since GS was here this weekend, hot meals are in order, so I made pot roast; he will pretty much eat anything if there is ketchup for dipping. I also made a choc cake and let him put sprinkles on his half - I hope he keeps these memories.

This is fun - to find out everything you wanted to know about your birth date, go here:
You simply put in your birthday and click submit - very interesting!